World Hope Missions was founded in 2001 as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization to care for children and the extremely poor who otherwise would have very few options in life.

Over the years, our supporters have taken care of children in our orphanage, trained women to sew so they could support their families, donated wheelchairs to disabled people who couldn't afford one, purchased cows, chickens and goats, built new lodging
facilities when our children outgrew their existing dormitories, purchased vehicles so our kids could get to/from school.

They have also paid for life-changing heart and brain surgeries for those whose lives were in danger and could not afford surgery, helped disabled people find job training and so much more!  

It doesn't take much to forever change a lfe!
  1. Tammy Van Dyke
    Tammy works closely with our Indian Directors to plan and implement new and existing programs
  2. Ron and Jan Downey
    Ron and Jan work closely with US donors, sponsors and international staff as well
  3. Deepak and Roselin Julius
    Deepak and Roselin are Directors of our India office overseeing all of our projects in India.